Resensie: The Endless Patterns of Love  [Kindle Edition]

The Endless Patterns of Love

Authors:  Hansie Wolmarans and Susan Long

Meet Auntie Dup. A huge woman who, in her own words, has to shuffle sideways down the church aisle to her seat. One of her biggest fears in life is that the government, always ready to raise taxes on cigarettes, would proceed to institute a 'bedroom tax'. Then there is the Boer warrior who was requested to do the prayers before a battle during the South African War. He was hesitant to ask God to choose sides, seeing that both the English and the Boers were Christian. So he prayed that God stay out of the fight and allow them to sort out things between themselves.

Hansie Wolmarans is a Professor of Classics, a theologian, and a minister, but first and foremost a storyteller. In these twenty meditations on passages from Scripture, he uses stories and anecdotes to explore basic questions like: Who or what is God? Where is God? Does God react to our prayers? Do things happen for a reason? Solidly at home in post-modern theology, he comes up with exciting responses.

The poems by Susan Long echo many of these themes but she makes a contribution in her own right. Her imagery and metaphors skirt around our logical mindsets to carry her perspectives more deeply into our psyches. Together they invite us to engage in the sacred dance of life – with all its messiness and challenges – and create new patterns of love: loving God, ourselves, others, and creation in sensational new ways.

The volume has a South African ambiance and the stories and anecdotes move from the Boer War to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Post-Apartheid South Africa. Yet, in the end, it reflects not only the agony and the ecstasy of this part of the world, but also that of the macrocosm and our common humanity.

This book contains twenty meditations on scripture by Hansie Wolmarans, as well as poems by Susan Long. It is available as a Kindle book. It already ranks 20th on Kindle's best sellers' position for meditations.

What critics are saying:

Hansie Wolmarans tells our common story enthralling listeners of every age and background with his gentle humour and profound wisdom.
Stephen van Schalkwyk (B.Th. Rhodes)

They neither tell people what to think or what to believe, nor conjure up judgement and guilt.
Dr. Chunky Young (Ph.D. Princeton)

The meditations and poems invite us to fall in love with life – in all its messiness and all its challenges.
Dr. Donna Wyckoff-Wheeler (Ph.D. Ohio State University)



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